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in the accu-weather forecast center. clouds, fog, drizzle and a fall-like chill are elements of the accu-weather forecast coming up. >> and the abcs of keeping kids from a life of time in the important roles preschool >> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. >>> millennium tower is responding to criticism about how it handle aid climbing stunt by so called skyscraper man yesterday nchl a statement saying does it not concone dan goodwin's action asks says it's security spotted goodwin almost immediately and san francisco police and fire responded within moments and took the situation under their control. the stunt tied up emergency workers. the fire department tells us they sent 20 firefighters to the tower. sfpd says it never gives out a number but sent a sizeable contingent to that scene. goodwin was cited for a misdemeanor, trespassing charge when reaching the top. >> 20 separate fires are burning against detroit, michigan. faibs say it started in a garage and spread to homes, fires being fan bid high winds, detroit says the fire department sat the limit. firefighters are exh
tuned. i have rain if the accu-weather forecast. >> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. >> today governor schwartzeneggar made a visit to the san bruno explosion and fire. he was in asia last thursday when the disasterpened. we have the reaction from the governor. >> the governor just landed to take a tour of the disaster zone. he'd been on a trade mission since that explosion and happened to be taking off today. and if you look behind me we're not far from the explosion site. there are some people in those white cover all safety uniforms there that are homeowner who's are able to get back to their homes for the first time. so today is the first time the governor is seeing the devastation for himself like those residents back there. did he get continuous updates and has the lieutenant governor as acting governor coordinating everything in his absence. the governor said he's glad california's estate is ready to act and respond quickly. and says thoughts and prayers to families of the victims and the three still missing. for the investigation the governor wants
in north carolina. emily, we'll check in with you in a bit. >>> but's marc mancuso, is tracking earl. and we heard about the possibility of sunshine later today. where is earl headed next? >> earl is still on a track, headed to the northeast. it will get close to new england. but we're heavily situated. you can see right here, there's a sharp cutoff to the clouds and earl will pick up speed. conditions will strange rapidly in eastern north carolina by this afternoon. it's a category 2. so, it's not the monster that we had yesterday. but still a dangerous system. winds 105 miles per hour. gusts even higher. center circulation about 85 miles southeast of north carolina. it is set to accelerate northeastward. we're looking at increasing wind and rain tonight. big problem here, the trees. get the winds. the tropical storm-force, maybe the hurricane-force here. that's going to knock down trees, tree limbs. there's going to be a lot of problems here with debris over cape cod and power outages. here's the radar. and you see the sharp cutoff for the rain there. rains increa
to mid-70s inland valleys with mid to upper 60s around the bay and 57 half moon bay. accu-weather seven-day forecast, our biggest jump in temperatures tomorrow, about 4 to 8 degrees warmer. a couple more degrees warmer over the weekend where temperatures hover near low 60s along the coast. >> seems like we settled into our commute this week. much easier this morning. traffic flowing well. really no accidents or hot spots to tell but this morning. in fact, i want to show you some drive times. take a look at the westbound 580. 24 minutes from 205 to 680. yesterday because of that accident, the drive times reached over an hour. it's also looking good on westbound 80 from the carquinez bridge to the maze. that's an 18-minute ride. you'll find a little bit of the normal slowing on westbound 4 out of antioch at this point. eric kristen. >> frances, thank you very much. time now 6:07. >> in scan exclusive interview with abc news. >> are your pants lying to you? the stunning discovery that could have men ♪ i thought it was over here... ♪ [ca
a look at the accu-weather forecast coming up. >> and a young woman says her live was saved after a bc. stststststststststststststststsi >> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. >>> back to breaking news. you can see a man scaling millennium tower on mission and fremont streets made it to the top. and is climbing since 2:15 this afternoon. the climber dan goodwin has a history of the illegal stunts. he says he's doing it for a couple reasons to raise awareness about high rises and because he's a survivor of stage 4 cancer. climbing since 2:15 in san francisco mission and fremont streets. there is a 60 story building. he's successfully made it to the top and may go to the tip top there in just a moment. and police going to arrest him because this is an illegal act. so far, so good. moving on a police spokesman says it's a miracle no one on the ground was kill bid a small plane today. a section of the plane came to rest near a home in the middle of the street in henderson. one person was killed and three others were badly hurt. the plane took off from a nearby airport a
the wet weather is right now when i return with the accu-weather forecast. >> google's new search plans to know what you're looking for before you finish typing@Ñ@Ñ i know. i know i need to quit this. - well, how about... - that smokers' helpline? yeah, they can give me a plan. - help me through the rough spots. - so you're ready to... quit? everyone wants me to quit-- my doctor, my wife, the dog. - not good for the dog. - anyone else? hmm? what? anyone else want you to quit? me! i want me to quit. tdd# 800-933-4833 - ( rings ) - woman: smokers' helpline. oh, hi, it's me. >> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. >>> plans to build an elevated tram pass aid key hurdle today. the met poll stin transportation division helped aloe indicate $20 million to help with this controversial conductor. state and federal agencies are expected to approve additional $500 million needed to build this connector. >> thieves targ yitd the home of a bay area musician, now, he's offering a reward for the return two of guitars. he lives in martinez and yesterday, someone broke into his
bringing temperatures to 75 in santa cruz, 88 in morgan hill. here's a look at the accu-weather seven-day forecast. so we've got cooler days ahead. notice we dropped down a few degrees every day through the weekend. and then by the time we miss that warmer weather, maybe by mid-week next week, that's when we start to see things warm up again. >> all right. like a roller-coaster there. >> a little roller-coaster. >> well, a hollywood legend has passed away. tony curtis died from a heart attack near his home in las vegas. he was known for his charm and good looks. rose to stardom in the 50s and 60s. played in several comedies including the hit comedy some like it hot. he was an accomplished dramatic actor winning an academy award nomination in 1959 for the defiant one opposite sidney poitier. his first of six wives was screen beautidy janet lee and oprah: all new. teri hatcher made headlines. what were you thinking? she was a hollywood goddess. cybill shepherd. and why linda evans left the cybill shepherd. and why linda evans left the spotlight. what were the facts? fact: march 7, 2000.
temperatures to 75 in santa cruz, 88 in morga hill. here's a look at the accu-weather seven-day forecast. so we've got cooler days ahead. notice we dropped down a few degrees every day through the weekend. and then by the time we miss that warmer weather, maybe by mid-week next week, that's when we start to see things rm up again. >> all right. like roller-coaster there. >> a little roller-aster. >> well, a hollywood legend has passed away. tony curtis died from a heart attack near his home in las vegas. he was known for his charm and good looks. rose to stardom in the 50s and 60s. played in several comedies including the hit comedy some like it hot he was an accomplished dramatic actor winning an academy award nomination in 1959 for e defiant one opposite sidney poitier. his first of six wives was screenutidy janet lee and screenutidy janet lee and one of eir our state has a huge deficit. meg whitman's plan will ma it billions worse by eliminating the capital gains tax for wealthy investors, including herself. economis say her plan will "rip a hole in the budget" and is "deeply flawed". analy
state official making a pitch. >>> i'm spencer christian in the accuweather forecast center. rainfall winding down and now temperatures cranking up. all in the accuweather forecast, coming up. >>> also, have you checked your pants size lately? why men may be bigger than they why men may be bigger than they i want you to >> have some heavy du demands. like enough horsepower and torque to geout of just abt any situation. a payload that beats t other guys flat out. a frame sturdy eugh to bear up a max towi capacity that's over 10 tons. and a braking system tough enough to bring it all to a stop. heavy duty demands? gentlemen, your truck is ready. 'cause i'm a papa bear. youyou --why? look at you, mr. high-tech hollywood, it's how i roll. you roll lika dinosaur with that tiny interest rate. try new school bking at your savings will be earning thretimes the national average. hmm. you gotta stop earning zippo, t-rex! get a higher rate, pterodactyl. interest plus sangs at three times the naonal average. go to what's in ur wallet? two spoons please! but what were
home events and rallies for u.s. troops serving overseas. let's get a preview of the accu-weather forecast. christine hanson is in for lisa argen this morning. >> it was a beautiful yesterday. we're going to see another day like that today. a few little changes as we go outside this morning. from the roof here at kgo along the embarcadero, you can see a few more clouds. that's a sign of something to change. we'll have your accu-weather seven forecast coming up. >> something scenic from down under this morning. it is perfect weather to go flight a kite. chchchchchchchcn >> as we inch closer to fall folks down under are getting ready for the arrival of spring in australia. kites fill the sky above sidney's beach as part of the annual festival of the winds. organizers call it australia's largest kite flying event. this is the 32nd year for this festival. people of all ages were enjoying mild late-winter conditions on one of australia's most famous beaches. makes me wanna go. i've never been to australia. >> oh, it's so beautiful. absolutely beautiful. we can get our own kites right h
of the adult services business and then issues a warning. >>> i'm spencer christian in the accuweather forecast center. the warming trend continues tomorrow but a chance of so weekend rain. i will give you a closeup look in the accuweather forecast coming up. >>> also tonight, he could be called the king of pullups. the bay area native pulling the bay area native pulling himself up.?o?oxw?w?oó but what reallhappened? cnn -- not me -- cnn says his assrtion about his tax record was "just plain wrong." jerry brown went out there and took crit for the fact that the people of california votedor proposition 13, which lowered taxes, which he opposed. and now he's going around taking credit for it. he raised taxes as govnor of california. he had a surplus when he took office and a deficit when he left. he doesn't tell thpeople the truth. saving mey. and like baseball people love their stats. i startebringing my lunch to work -- bucks a week in my pocket. here's good one: state farm insures 40 million drivers. i saved cause i'm accident-free. of course, with so many ways save including discounts of up
of the weekend. i'll show you when, where, and how much to expect in the accu-weather forecast. >> and a bit later new bill sitting on the governor's desk banning a toxic chemical from >> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. >>> a study reveals 30 largest school districts in california done way with program owes to reduce class sizes for kids in kindergarten through third grade. this is done by a group called california watch. abc 7's education reporter takes a look at the possible impact in the classroom. >> reporter: it's the end of the week. this first grade teacher is exhausted with more students in the classroom. oakland schools are not the only ones increasing class sizes. once set at 20 students per teacher. a survey by california watch shows the largest 30 districts have classes above 20 students in lower grades. martha helped with early reading and says larger class sizes now some with up to 30 kids, will have an impact on students. >> they're not getting as much attention from teacher and kindergarten is a critical age to begin early reading skills. so with more
have suffered. lisa argen here with the accu-weather forecast. unsettled? >> very wet conditions in the north bay but not reaching far south. what does that mean for the rest of your weekend and the week ahead? i think you're gonna like it. >> thanks, lisa. hurricane igor is heading straight for bermuda. not packing as much of a punch right now. we're going to have the latest next. [ female announcer ] to do well, kids need to eat well. and eating well means getting enough whole grain and calcium. and general mills big g kid cereals can help. did you know it's the only leading line of kid cereals with at least 8 grams of whole grain and a good source of calcium? cereals they already love, like lucky charms and cinnamon toast crunch. give your kids more of what they need to be their best. grow up strong. with big g kid cereals. ♪ >>> welcome back, everyone. and good morning to you. it is 5:17. this is a live look from our roof cam showing you the bay bridge. lovely right now before the sun rises. lisa argen will be along very shortly to give you a check of the accu-weather forec
bay and mid to upper 60s along the coast into san francisco where we'll have sunshine today. accu-weather seven-day forecast, sea breeze returns tomorrow and into wednesday. and wednesday technically astronomical fall starts at 8:09 but before then that will be our coolest afternoon. summertime heat for most areas saturday and sunday. good morning, megan. >> good morning. road work is the only thing that may slow you down starting off in san francisco. southbound 101 you will find a few lanes are blocked between bay shore and grand avenue until 6:00. we have speeds below 40 mph as you drive through the construction area. cal tran working in castro valley from redwood road to clove canyon road. a couple lanes blocked there until 6:00. and reports of a bender bender at crow canyon. that's on the right-hand shoulder. a live look at the ride in san jose. this is 280 right at the 17 overcrossing. very light traffic here through the downtown san jose area. also in san jose 101 at the 880 overcrossing. looking good as you make your way northbound on 101 heading up morgan hill and up the peninsul
. >> this is accuweather's application for the i-pad. we are tracking earl. bottom line they're pretty cool, roo it? >> that's the accuweather application. all these imitator >>> hurricane earl's arrival. the storm's gusty brush with north carolina and the precautions being taken across the northeast. >>> then, hillary clinton's clout. >> i think she has credibility. >> the secretary of state's diplomacy during long-awaited mideast peace talks. >>> and, web trends. the sudden need to find facts about chocolate and lindsay lohan on the internet. it's friday, september 3rd. >> from abc news, this is "world news now." >> and it appears the biggest threat from hurricane earl, which is weakening thankfully, is the storm surge. not so much the wind gusts, as we maybe previously thought. but still, it's going to be there nonetheless. >> we've heard for days, at one point it was a category 5 storm, now a weak category 2 storm. so as things progress, hopefully it may not be as bad as folks feared. so that's the good news this morning. hi, everybody. i'm rob nelson. >> i'm mike marusarz sitting in for vinita
hanson. changes begin today. your complete accu-weather 7 forecast just ahead. >> good morning, everyone. thanks for joining us. i'm carolyn tyler. many san bruno residents will return to their homes today for the first time since thursday's tragic fire and may smell natural gas as pg&e resources service. some will resume living in their homes. others will be able to go in and gather their belongings. people with red tag homes will have no access to their houses. officials will hold a briefing explaining those details and more. the coroner has revised the death toll back to 4 from 7 reported last night. the additional skeletal remains at the scene will determine if they belong to fire victims. authorities have also revealed that six residents are missing. search teams and cadaver dogs will resume today for additional victims. of the six people reported missing, three are members of the bullets family. amy hollyfield talks to relatives who are frustrated and hurt. >> the family has known that 82 levon, her 50-year-old son greg and her 17-year-old granson will were missing since the blast
'll give you a look when i return with the accu-weather forecast. >> and power of the san francisco open ra. a sneak preview of the up coming preview of the up coming schblt back in n n n n n n n n wouldn't it be nice if every time meg whitman told a lie her nose would grow? newspapers report the claims in this meg whitman ad are false. and she knows it. taxes went down under jerry brown. but whitman's nose keeps growing by the millions. meg whitman's nose keeps growing. whitman says california lost jobs under jerry brown. turns out 1.9 million jobs were created. she spent millions saying jerry brown raised taxes. fact is brown cut 4 billion in taxes. but whitman's nose keeps growing by the millions. >> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. >> new information about a chan charged with a shoot out in oakland two months ago. the man says he hoped to start a revolution by killing liberal activists. we've obtained tapes of a jail house interview with byron williams. in the early morning hours of sunday, july 18th byron williams was injured during a shootout with a chp. and off
examined to determine what speesy it was. >> and let's dmek with spencer and the accu-weather forecast. >> warming up we had a warm day again today and muggy by bay area standards. here is temperatures right now. 82 degrees in antioch. 82 in santa rosa. 70 in oakland. 63 in san francisco. mild at the moment. here is our 24 hour change. you can see every single location is several degrees warmer at this hour today than it was at this hour yesterday. and so it's summer like here in late summer, drizzle with us in the morning. a mild afternoon noon both friday and saturday rain moving in sunday morning and looks like it's going to be periods of wet weather sunday. here is the image shing us a weak disturbance moving slowly. despite slow movement it will make it here, 5:00 in the morning we'll see a little spotty drizzle here the -- near the coast. mainly sunny skies with high clouds tomorrow getting into saturday looks like sunny skies with mild weather again saturday. and there is a front approaching and by early sunday morning there is a little bit of rain developing in the north bay. l
coming our way at week's end. the height of the heat in my accu-weather forecast. >> and bay area's new transit clip yir card leads some stuck in the bus stops. the black widow spider's severe bite can cause coma and even death. the african black mamba can kill a man with one bite. but there's an even deadlier predator cigarettes, produced by big tobacco, which take a life every six point five seconds. don't be big tobacco's next victim. >> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. >>> this may be surprising to you students in half of california public schools do not have access to drinking water in cafeterias. abc 7 tells us about a new bill on the governor's desk that could change all of that. >> it won't imagined it in california in 2010. >> when soda sales are banned on campuses, students in about half of the schools across california do not have access to drinking water in their cafeterias. shocking but true. at oakland's high school. they give out bottled water like many other schools, the water fountain is outside of the building. many schools are not as generous. >
with homeless alcoholic. >> no free water. plan to eliminate a drought in california schools. >>> accu-weather forecast center cooling down over the next couple days but maiming warm-up coming this weaned.i'll have details in the accu-weather forecast. >> plus face-to-face. fun gadget for i-phone user turns that a must see application that a must see application for others. . i want you to >> >> new bill on governor schwarzenegger desk would require public schools to provide water at lunch time. interestingly students in about half of public schools across california don't have access to drinking water in the cafeteria. oakland high school nearest water fountain is outside the building. the bill in sacramento would require schools to provide water with meals by next july. the governor is expected to sign it. >> head of san francisco health department may be moving to los angeles. according to the los angeles times la wants dr. mitchell cast to run the health department. they would pay him more than the 260,000 dollars he earns working for san francisco. the partner will create healthy san
house divided over strategy in afghanistan. i'm spencer christian in the accuweather forecast center. when the moon is full all things possible including a big weekend warm-up. all this in the accuweather forecast coming up. >>> also tonight, you take a taxi and you hope the driver charges you a fair rate, right? well, tonight, the scam ripping off thousands of passengers in new york city. new york city. woman: did you bring the camera phone? man: i did. new york city. do y wanna go first? i've been waitingfor this a. ok, this is from...aunt. introducing chase quickdeposit. using e chase mobile appt and back of your check on your iphone, and hit send. it went through. this is so cool. this is so cool. you wanna try ? yea. ok. all righ who's next? make a depit from anywhere, anytime-- with your hone. to mister d misses walker. why would th send my parents a check? chase what matters. ♪ barbara boxer. she foug to get our veterans the first full cbat care center in california. her after hool law's keeping a million kids off the strt and out of gangs and she's fighting every d to creat
80s in warmest spots. and near monterey bay 64 monterey. and 80s inland. here is the accu-weather forecast. there is cooling continuing and sunday, highs only upper 70s, and on the coast upper 60s and gradual warming into mid week next week looking more fall like. >> yes and a lot more comfortable. >> and just ahead tonight obstacles standing in the way of building a high speed rail system. >> and how yikts hope to iron out their differences over it. back in a moment. @t you can see >>> officials in danville's catholic church believe someone is embezzling church money. police confirm they're looking into the case. danville police chief does say it's a complex investigation but hopes to be able to send the case to the district attorney soon, meaning arrests. the church pastor told parishioners about the investigation last sunday. and no word on how much money may be missing. >> critics trying to put the brakes on high speed rail in california. the man in charge spoke to business leaders about some challenges. here is the. >> reporter: report california voter as proved a nearly $10
're joined by accuweather's jeanette calle. good morning, jeanette. >> hey, there, rob and mike. the tropics active as we head into this 1st day of september. hurricane earl a major hurricane north of hispanola throughout the day today. it's going to run east of the bahama islands. we do have fiona on its tail moving westward, set to impact the leeward islands with tropical storm force winds and also heavy rainfall. here's the forecast eye path with hurricane earl. increased wave activity across the southeast coast throughout the day today. it's going to make its closest approach to the outer banks of north carolina late thursday into thursday night, perhaps as a cat 3 hurricane. there is a hurricane watch in effect north of surf city, north carolina, into the north carolina/virginia border. all along the eastern seaboard this labor day weekend will feel the impacts of hurricane earl. we're talking about destructive waves, also peak wind gusts over 65 miles an hour. perhaps even some heavy rainfall. rob, mike? >> jeanette, thank you. >>> here's the rest of your wednesday weat
. 88 in santa cruz. up to 98 inlnld. here is the accu-weather forecast. tomorrow is a spare the air day. obvious reasons and we're expecting heat to peak on thursday with triple digits inland. low 70s at beaches. by friday, temperatures starting to fall just a few degrees but you don't see considerable cooling until heading towards sunday, monday time period. and there is labor day, low 80s inland. we're going to drop a good 30 degrees, upper 50s at beaches. back to you. >> thank you very much. thursday, pretty hot. >> that sounds like a lovely labor day weekend. 80s. not too hot at the coast. >> that is going to do it for us. world news is coming up next. i'm cheryl jennings. >> i'm dan ashley. i think that is an invitation whachl time do you want us over? world news is up next
here. >> accu-weather forecast center. today sharp cool down will be followed by more cooling tomorrow.i'll show you how low the temperatures will go in my accu-weather forecast coming up. >> from colorado to michigan. fire wipes out dozens of hopes. we bring up to speed hopes. we bring up to speed on the crisis as want you to >> b-a-c-c-a-l-a-u-r-e-a-t-e. baccalaureate. [ audienceroans ] since this competition has been continuing for 48 hours and we have yet to eliminate anyone, it is the decision of this board to declarell 20 contestants winners. you ha all competed admirably. admirably. a-d-m-i-r-a-b-l-y. admirably. [ ma announcer ] at&t is making high speed iernet affordable for only $14.95 a month withelect services. at&t. rethink possible. this is power with efficiency. this is an interior that exceeds even the promi of the exterior. this is the all-new jaguar xj. the stunning result of taking. i even bought her a computer wi my new citi forward card. then one day. have you seen this? she "fended" me. there's a whe album. [ laughs ] [ groans ] and started posting pictures. ♪
and what pg&e is supposed to be doing to keep us safe. >> accu-weather forecast center. weekend visit and how high the temperatures will rise in the accu-weather 7 day rise in the accu-weather 7 day forecast coming >> as we approach tomorrow anniversary in their own words children born after the 9/11 children born after the 9/11 terror attacks. reminder as governor, he cut waste got rid of the mansi and the limo budgets were balanced. $4 billion inax cuts. world class schoolsand univ. clean energy promod. 1.9 million new jobs created. california was working. i'm jerry brown. california eds major changes. weave to live within our means; we have to return pow and decision making to the local lel-closer to the people and no new taxes witho voter approval. jerry brown the knowledge anknow-how to get californiworking again. so. >> some folks say they had been smelling gas long before the explosion in san bruno. >> about a week ago it smelled like gas. >> tonight we ask pg&e about the concerns. >> there are a lot of reports that people smelled gas or offensive smell for some time. you know
in the east bay valleys. your accu-weather seven-day forecast, slightly warmer. just a few degrees tuesday, wednesday. i think the warming trend peaks on thursday and slightly cooler with more clouds. still that slight chance of rain in the north bay saturday and sunday. hi, frances. >> hi, mike. back to bart where they're reporting major delays leaving sfo and millbrae heading to daly city, san francisco and the east bay. apparently due to an equipment problem on the track. check out some of the realtime arrivals. some of the trains may be half an hour late. look out for major bart delays. check out a live camera shot. here's the bay bridge toll plaza. no delays on the roads right now. if you want to hit the roads instead, you'll find light traffic early this morning and we'll head over to 680 in walnut creek as well. there were a few early morning accidents in the east bay but nothing causing a big slowdown at all. traffic flowing well here southbound and check out the 280 and 17 inter change in san jose. delay-free throughout the south bay on the peninsula and even the north bay. eric,
's okay. >> i'm in the accu-weather forecast system and more warming headed our way and some rain. details in the accu-weather 7 day forecast come up. >>reporter: also here tonight. occupation hazard fits like a glove. turns that a hazard foryççñóçi)ÑÑ [ female announcer ] we know jey brown was mayor of oakland, but what were the results? fact: brown promised to improvechools. but the drop out rate inreased 50%, and the state had to take over the schls. fac the city controller found employees paid or 22,000 hours... they never worked. fact: brown promised to cut crim but murders doubl, making oakland the 4thmos. jerry brown. he st can't deliver the results california needs now. ?o?oxw?w?oó can't deliver the results jo tazing of marin county man in his own home by police continues to draw scrutiny tonight. now a marin county supervisor want training and procedure reviewed. you remember this video we showed you last month. the deputy tazed a man as he stood up in hair in his house. he's now suing. vick lee tonight with the follow-up report. >> stop resisting. sta
need their state funding. >> i'm in the accu-weather forecast center. lace warm-up continues and weekend rain coming our way and fall right around the corner. all in the accu-weather forecast coming up. >> also tonight. rash of raccoon attack on people and their pets. precaution that resident should this iyour captain speaking, we are fourteenth inline . beep, be, beep. looks like its bumper bumper on the interstate. i gotta get to cleveland! should have skipped that second soda. removeour belt, your watch, your shoes. i wonderhat gas costs today. seven dollars for a pill! an extra bag costs what? i hate traffic! (tin child) the train is now arriving. (announcer) the train has rived indeed. amtrack. enjoy the journey. but what were the results? fact: brown promised to improve schools. but the drop out rate increased 50%, and the state had to take er the schools. fact: the city controller found employees paid f. they never worked. fact: brown promised o cut crime. but mders doubled, making oakld the 4th most dangerous city in america. jerry brown. he just can't deliver th
to 54. doesn't get much more beautiful than that. as far as your accu-weather seven-day forecast, temperatures will peak by monday with near 80 around the bay, near 90 -- near 80 around the coast, near 90 around bay and near 100 inland and poor air quality monday and tuesday, also. frances, is vallejo going green? >> going green with a sod spill. we have a live camera shot for you. this is underneath interstate 80. interstate 80 is fine, moving well through vallejo. but the west off-ramp to columbus parkway and the eastbound 37 ramp to columbus parkway are blocked while they clean up the still. it's going to take them until 8:30 at this point. redwood street is an alternate to get around it. another live camera shot of the san mateo bridge. traffic here flowing well. we have friday light traffic now and earlier accident on north 101 has been completely cleared from the preway. eric, kristen. >> frances, thank you very much. just a couple seconds away from 6:08. >> just ahead, michael finney shows us how to avoid getting jammed up when buying a new printer. >> known for his mock c
sunshine sunday and monday. we're looking at cooler weather after labor day. so you'll see that in the accu-weather forecast. this afternoon solid deck of fog along the coastline here never cleared the coast. temperatures fell today across the bay area as we had expected. here is what is going to happen heading into sunday. fog starts to clear. the wind starts to pick up along the coast. and so there is sun sunday and monday. so a nice looking forecast have plans. overnight tonight fog will be around. temperatures low 50s to low 60s losh 80s for cupertino. 73 in san mateo. downtown san francisco 66 degrees. and east bay 72 in oakland. 76 in hayward. inland areas hairfield livermore, around the bay 70 degrees in san francisco. here is the accu-weather forecast. there is a wind range of conditions to please everyone. 60s beaches 90s inland. minor drops in temperatures saturday and sunday. but then by labor day, it's sunny and clear and there is a cool week. >> yeah. >> as you heard it's going to be a great weekend to get out and about. >> we're going to take you live to biggest art festival in
. >> and in the accu-weather forecast, we have a beautiful weekend coming our way. i'll show how warm it's going to be where you are when i heavy duty truck, have some heavy duty demands. like enough horsepower and torque to get out of just about any situation. a payload that beats the other guys flat out. a frame sturdy enough to bear up a max towing capacity that's over 10 tons. and a braking system tough enough to bring it all to a stop. heavy duty demands? gentlemen, your truck is ready. >> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. >> a daylight look at the neighborhood sent to you report at and so those people who have fire damage who lost their homes what can they expect insurance companies to do for them today? >> this is a confusing time. how can homeowners protect their rights? there is information to help. >> i'm sure you remember there was video of starbucks. people were going there. many were hanging out because they didn't have anywhere else to go? i was watching and all i can think of hang on to receipts. homeowners suffering a loss big enough they can't l
'll have low to mid-80s. let's take a look at that accu-weather seven-day forecast. changes on the way after tomorrow. clouds on the increase and cooler weather will start to roll in on friday and then the chance of rain. the best chance will be saturday and it will be best along the coast and into the north bay. it's going to be much cooler for all of us with that increase in clouds. decreasing clouds monday into tuesday and temperatures warming back to average this time of the year. our first look at traffic and it sounds like we have an accident. here's frances. >> a new one just came in in fremont. this point traffic still light enough to get by but it's been reported on northbound 880 on the mission boulevard off-ramp. may not be blocking any lanes where traffic is moving at 65, 70 mph. there's road work going on through hayward. of course you might be useded to it by now. westbound 92, some lanes may be blocked until 5:00 this morning. as a detour you may want to get on at hisspareian instead. >> the battle lines are being drawn in washington over a proposed path to citizenship f
. here's a look at that accu-weather seven-day forecast. i've taken the rain chance out of the forecast for saturday. storm system is slowing down so it looks like our best chance for rain will be in the north bay sunday morning and then slowly moving into the south bay and tapering by sunday afternoon. we're talking less than a tenth of an inch of rain most likely. starting monday and all the way through thursday of next week we'll see more sunshine and warmer weather. frances with your first look at traffic. good morning. >> freeways look good. a lot of fog in san francisco as mike was mentioning. a fog advisory for the bay bridge. heads up if you're driving in san francisco today and through next week. traffic will be busy in the south of market area for the oracle convention. right now howard street will be closed from 3rd to 4th and that will continue until next friday. the south bay, the north 101 connector to south 880 is closed. see a lot of green out there so we have a live shot at the 101 and 880 interchange. traffic is light and that connector ramp should be reopened in the n
hitting the 90s over in the east bay valley. let's take a look at that accu-weather seven-day forecast. and the heat just keeps building through the weekend. the hottest afternoons will be sunday, monday and tuesday. especially monday we may hit triple digits inland, 90 around bait and even low 80s at the coast. it looks like it's going to taper just a little bit next week. but even thursday's temperatures are above average just about everywhere. frances has an accident you need to know about. >> mike, the hot spot for the morning and it's in vallejo due to this overturned big rig. happened 3:00 this morning, the west 80 columbus parkway off-ramp is blocked. columbus parkway brings you that way towards the east. in addition to that the east 37 to columbus parkway is blocked until about 6:00 this morning. so you'll need to avoid that stretch as a detour and chp is recommending you head down westbound 80 to redwood street, turn around, and that way you can get back to columbus parkway. just seems like right underneath or right near that section of interstate 80 on the columbus park off-r
the bay 85 in santa cruz. 72 monterey. inland, 100 in gilroy. 102 in hol lifter tomorrow. here is the accu-weather forecast. after a day of inland heat, we'll see cooler days inland wednesday. and remainder of the week after wednesday, highs reaching only into 80s, 70s around the bay. low 60s on the coast will be certainly more comfortable. >> and remainder for for anyone out of work. next hire event is tomorrow in san francisco from 11:00 to 3:00 at hotel whitcomb. there is a thousand with the peace corps. plus, afleck, lens crafters, burger king and ross are hiring. abc 7 is a sponsor of the event along with the job journal. >> when we come back tonight you're going to find out what could be missing from your child's next happy meal. >> and critics say the campaign against obesity has gone too far. @t >>> fran considering the plan to take toys out of kids fast food meals. only those deemed healthful will be allowed to get a goody. flanked by a happy meal, eric mar introduced an ordinance banning toy give aways in kid meals exceeding 600 calorie autos we'll see obesity as an epidemic this, makes
and then it will be felt inland by midweek. full look at the accu-weather 7 day forecast coming up. >> all right thank you. heat wave also hit southern california turning public fountain into improper few showers. temperatures soared to all time record 113 degrees in downtown l.a. it reached 119 degrees in parts of the san fernando valley. beaches were packed. pichlt that was very, very hot. and we thought it would be a good time to get away with family to go to the beach. >>reporter: conditions are expected to remain hot tomorrow but not quite as extreme. gentleman we have some delevoping news of federal appeals court has ordered a trial judge to reconsider his ruling that paved the way for california first execution in nearly 5 years. ninth circuit court of appeal said late night that the june made an error when he offered condemned killer brown a choice between one drug or 3 drug lethal injectionth court says it put undue burden on pwrouchbility earlier today the governor issued a 45 hour reprieve meaning brown lethal injection wouldn't take place before thursday night and of course the delay co
bay low to mid-90s. there is a 68 in monterey. here is the accu-weather forecast. further cooling will occur thursday and remainder, temperatures into reasonable and seasonal range. mid-70s around the bay. 60 degrees on the coast. temperatures bouncing up again monday. >> thank you. >> coming up dmv mistake that cost this man a thousand dollars. >> because they thought he's driviviviviviviviviviviviviviviv it's time for a you fix it report. send us something that needs attention in your naind neighborhood and we'll help you get it fix. >> tonight dangerous pot holes in the castro valley hills and a problem what that should have been fixed months ago. for three months every time carl walked out of his front door, he had to go past two large pot holes in the street. >> i look at it every morning and night. >> carl says the street gets a lot of traffic in mornings and afternoons, parents drop off and pick up kids from a school. he says those put the kids in danger. >> could you have a child crossing the street unaware a car is coming. if the car were to lose control, miss the pot hol
as well. the full look at your accu-weather seven-day forecast coming up. >> great, sandhya, thanks. >>> a natural gas leak on alameda's bay farm island has been capped. they cliped a four-inch pg&e line. it happened around 2:00 this afternoon. here is a you report photo sent in by steven bowman of the line being repaired. thanks for that. the shelter in place was in affect for uh while and a dozen homes in the bay farm elementary was evacuated. everything is okay now. >>> meantime, the federal emergency management agency rejected the request for millions of dollars in federal aide for victims of the san bruno pipeline disaster. fema says the cost should be covered by state and local governments as well as pg&e that owns the ruptured pipeline. fema will reimburse the state for up to 75% of firefighting costs. jackie spears thinks the state will appeal fema's decision. >>> an eighth person has died a is a result of that explosion in san bruno. 58-year-old james fran co suffered severe burns. he was taken off life support yesterday at ucsf. abc7's lisa amin gulezian reports on the lat
for millions of folks. >> with more on the track of the storm we're joined by accuweather's jeanette calle. good morning, jeanette. >> good morning, rob and mike. the tropics still very much active as we head into this 1st day of september. we have two named storms the of course wethisjor north opano run f tut the day toda on its tail here is fiona moving westward, approaching the leeward islands. the leeward islands throughout the day today will be dealing with troorm here's the forecast eye path for hurricane earl. increased wave activity across the southeast coast throughout the day today and it'to make its closest appoachthe late tha i night, perhaps a cat 3 hurricane. there is a hurricane watch already in place north of sur city, north carolina/virginia border. it's g northeasterly track as we head into the labor day weekend and perhaps impacting the new england coast by this labor day weekend with destructive waves. peak wind gusts over 65 miles and rob and mike, perhaps even somevy r >> all right, jeannette, thank you. >>> as for the forecat noee som hail, gusty win
to fight. >> i'm in the accu-weather forecast center. current warm-up winding down. big consolidate down starts to. i have details in my accu-weather forecast coming up. >> and the northern california farms doing booming business as tourist attractions. a lot more why are over a thousand people a day switching to cvrolet? room for eight and all sorts of space behind the third row. they just though of everything. it just feels like a really solid car. that should come in handy. 's the chevrolet summer event and anyone can g the traverse they want. nah-uh... this one's mine. get 0% a for 60 months on the 2010 traverse with an average finae savings of around fifty seven hundred. the switch begins at st. >> vallejo police on the hunt for gunmen who took thousands of dollars. investigators say that just before 11:00 p.m. 2 armed men wearing black hooded sweatshirts and maskings cut a hole in the amusement park fence and robbed several employees when they had just collected the day receipts yesterday. park was closed at the time. there was no surveillance video and so far
. all right. let's take a look at your accu-weather seven-day forecast. you can see today is the coolest day and the wettest and the one with the least amount of sunshine. we'll see more sunshine tomorrow and jump 2 to 4 degrees. jump another 4 to 6 degrees away from the coast friday and warmest weather should be sunday, monday and tuesday of next week. morning, frances. you have an update? >> yep. things getting a bit slower for folks heading through livermore because of this big rig accident. you see red, that's where traffic is moving under 20 mph. a big rig hit the center divide and looks like it will take longer to clear up this accident. traffic is slowing down right now. we're taking a look at the drive times. last check this is 18 minutes. it has grown to 24 minutes on westbound 580 from 205 to 680. we'll be watching that drive time. it has been a wet ride as you make your way up to san francisco. there had been lanes blocked up towards brisbane. that road is scheduled until 6:00 this morning. look out for that. the drive has been a little more challenging and there's some wet ro
airlines move a lot closer to becoming just one. >> accu-weather forecast center. weekend partly cloudy and partly shower. show you which day matches which part in the accu-weather forecast. >> thanks experience. comedy 2 for. leaders of fake news joined forces to promote the joined forces to promote the serious side of i want you to >>yççñóçi)ÑÑ?o?oxw?w?oó >> despite the government effort to stimulate the econom economy, california jobless rate increased slightly in august. unemployment numbers are political liability for democrats party in power. tonight the issue of jobs federal stimulus dollars and the fight at the ballot box in the california senate race. here's mark matthews. >> today the white house rae leased a list of the top 100 stimulus funded projects. makinghe list? 2.8 billion dollars to retrofit the bay bridge. 198 million to expand the caldecott tunnel. but in spite of the projects in california unemployment rose to 12.4 percent last month. in los angeles senator barbara boxer said without the stimulus spending it would be worse. >> we would have seen ano
will be along with a full accu-weather forecast. in bermuda, residents and tourists alike are bracing themselves for a direct hit from hurricane igor. but the storm is weakening. it's now been downgraded to a category 1 hurricane. it should pass directly over late today, perhaps early tomorrow. that's where abc's david curly reports on preparations. >> bermuda is starting to feel the effects of hurricane igor, even though the storm is still about 30 hours away. you see the surf has kicked up a little and the wind is definitely kicking up. a little moisture as well. folks looking at this surf because they know they will not be out here tomorrow. this island has started to shut down. the last flight going out this afternoon. already boarding up expecting 4 inches of rain and water inside the terminal building when igor actually hits with all its fury. they are taking this very seriously. several years ago it didn't hit them dead on and it looks like igor could be a direct hit on bermuda. the residents, 65,000, are taking it very seriously. most of the tourists are getting off the island. david cur
again of mammograms. >> least up to near the triple digit mark. i'm going to have your weekend accu-weather your weekend accu-weather forecast is that thavrjts also gubernatorial candidate whitman breaks her silence on one of the state most highly contestedyççñóçi)ÑÑ [ mom ] my son ryan didn't know his ulez-vous from his fre jacques... [ speaking french ] [ mom ] he decided totudy in paris. ♪ see french masterpieces with his very own eyes. weven linked our citibank account to his so when his account ran lowwe j. i just hope the language isn't barrier. bonjour. [ mom ] my ryan can very shy. [ le announcer ] from linked accounts to citi mobi we make simple to manage your finances. what's your story? citink can help you write it. we are fourteenth in line for te off. beep, beep, beep. looks like its bumper to bumper on e interstate. i gotta get to cleveland! should he skipped that second soda. remove your belt, ur watch, your shoes. i wonder what gas sts today. seven dollars for a pillow! extra bag costs what? i hate traic! (train child) the train is now arriving. (announcer
in fairfield. for the monterey bay, 75 in santa cruz. mid80s gilroy and hollister. here is your accu-weather seven-day forecast, low 60s to low 90s tomorrow. our cooling trend takes us right through the weekend. sunday it will feel like late fall. upper 70s at best inland and upper 60s at our beaches. and monday begins a warming trend for warmer weather for your tuesday and wednesday. >> nothing quite like what we have had. >>> exactly. >>> coming up, this is not just monkeying around. >> why it could be a scientific breakthrough. the story is just ahead. >>> "sully, the movie" may come to a theater near yew. sully sullenberger has the rights to his memwiors. he recounts the days when birds disable disabled the engines on his flight. sulley landed safely on the hudson river saving the lives of all 155 people on board, as you remember. he was reluctant to sell the rights until he met with harrison ford who advised him to go with the team of "indiana jones." >>> and monkeys can do something they thought only humans and dolphins could, recognize themselves in the mirror. they say the video indi
, heading inland there is heat with 100 in brentwood. there is 84 in santa cruz. here is the accu-weather forecast. a sizzling summer afternoon, inland. cooling begins at the coast tomorrow, you start to feel it heading into holiday weekend. it's breezy, cooler conditions for saturday and sunday. making plans. at least not be so hot. >> that is nice. >> thank you. >> ike's sandwich fans are not going go hungry if they lose their spot. a grand opening of a new location. >> then at 6:00 a community debate over future of a neighborhood park in san francisco. you're going to see how it's become a victim of its own popularity. at 6:00. back in a a a a a a a a a a a a gggdddpÑgt>$>$>$>$>$>$>. >>> a continuous lack of sleep is not only exhausting but can shorten your life. a new study from penn state found men suffering from chronic insomnia are at an increased risk of death compared to those who slept six or more hours per night, increasing if they suffered from diabetes or high blood pressure. the study dz not find the same impact on women, however. >> an 18-year-old south bay woman is suing
, 86 in santa cruz. here is your accu-weather seven-day forecast, spare the air, hot inland, cooler at the coast, and then the cooling continues into the weekend with breezy conditions for your labor day weekends. upper 60s to low 50s. >> thanks, sandhya. >>> coming up, this palm-sized gizmo is lawfning a head to head -- is launching a head to head battle with two silicon valley giants. >> apple taking on google, after this. ♪ stinky ♪ hefty ♪ stinky ♪ hefty ♪ stinky, stinky ♪ hefty, hefty, hefty [ announcer ] hefty bags with unscented odor block technology... help neutralize odors and stop the stinkies. ♪ stinky, stinky, stinky ♪ hefty, hefty, hefty cheerios could be your ticket to do it. big time. you could win a once in a lifetime chance to live your passion by choosing from t never-dreamed-possible prizes. from a customized v.i.p. vacion, to a hollywood red carpet experience, to cooking with a celebrity chef, and more. find details on specially marked boxes of cheerios. why cheerios? because whatever you love doing, you'll need a healthy heart to do it. ♪ musli
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